Physical Therapy

PDX Bodyworks Physical therapy is not your ordinary physical therapy provider. If your life is limited by pain, weakness, lack of mobility, lack of function or an inability to do what you’d like to do in your life, we are YOUR physical therapy clinic.

Many of our patients have been to multiple physical medicine providers, physicians and surgeons; frustrated and without significant improvements. They felt like they kept going back to the same practitioner time after time and nothing changed, including their symptoms. Never feeling like they were being listened to, like it wasn’t their body this was happening to, like they didn’t have a say in their healing. When they came to us and were surprised when we took the time not just listen, but hear them, getting to know them, educating them as well as being educated by them in relation to how they perceive how their body works.

How do we do this? With one-on-one hour long sessions with your therapist, which allows us to get to the true cause of your grief rather than just treating the symptoms. No single person is the same, why should every treatment be the same? Through our extensive experience and training we utilize a proven eclectic approach of hands on manual and movement therapy to help you attain the life YOU want.

Whatever your endeavor, whether it’s simply to find a place of comfort or if you’re looking to take your body to the highest place possible, PDX Bodyworks Physical Therapy is YOUR PT clinic. We succeed where others have failed.

We’re excited partner with wellness professionals at Asha Integrative Wellness Center, where you’ll also have access to top notch chiropractic, acupuncture and massage therapy care. This collaborative approach creates the optimal environment for healing from all angles. We are also proud to be part of the LGBTQS diversity, equity and visibility community. We look forward to meeting you.

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