Beginning on Friday, February 10th, at 6:00AM Point Source Solutions, LLC
will be on site to begin required parking lot excavation work.
They have provided a color coded site map with the closed zones and date ranges.

(Please see the attached site map to reference)

The site map will indicate that the parking lot spaces (marked in yellow)
directly at the building entrance will need to be empty from space #101 to #105.
The spaces in the middle of the parking lot (marked in yellow) will also need to be empty.
(Please see the attached site map for reference. Yellow section is no parking)

On Monday 2/13 to Wednesday 2/15

There will be no direct access to the parking lot from NE Broadway.
This half of the parking lot in the (black) dotted lines will be closed for the excavation.
The main entrance to the building itself will also be closed and inaccessible.
(See the attached site plan. The dotted line and X are blocked. Yellow & blue = no parking)

All occupants and visitors will need to use the South entrance from 2/13 to 2/15

(marked in pink).

A key will be provided to each business for the South entry door.
(see attached site plan for reference – pink circle = entrance)

Any vehicles in the yellow or blue area’s by 6:00am on the date of service WILL BE TOWED.

You are advised to park in a street legal spot.

We are not responsible for any damage, theft, towing, or tickets you may occur for choosing where

you park your vehicle.

Thank you for your assistance and patience during this important project

Genevieve Moore, LAc

Genevieve Moore, LAc


Genevieve Moore was born and raised in Portland, OR. As child they grew up being incredibly physically active. Gen enjoyed any form of play that involved movement. They were competitive in soccer, softball, and basketball. When at home Genevieve strapped skates on their feet and skated around the concert floor of their basement. Later they fell in love with dance. While studying dance at the University of Washington Genevieve found a class that opened their eyes to their future, the anatomy of movement.

In 2007, Gen began studying Chinese Medicine at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. When they started, the medicine seemed like magic. As they progressed through the program, Genevieve saw the connections between western medicine and eastern. The classes they most enjoyed were those surrounding anatomy and movement. After graduation Genevieve continued working at the college as a Teaching Assistant so they could further their knowledge of structural diagnosis and anatomy.

Genevieve’s practice in Oregon is built around sports medicine. To deepen their understanding of structural assessment they gained my Personal Training Certification from the National Association of Sports Medicine. Genevieve love applying their knowledge of strength training and functional anatomy with healing of Chinese Medicine.

Although Genevieve’s area of expertise is in pain management, injury recovery, and athletic training they don’t limit their practice to just that. Chinese medicine gives Gen the tools to help just about any patient. From the common cold to fertility this medicine can have a positive impact. If you any questions about how acupuncture could help you please call or reach out!

Payment Types: Regence (all Blue Cross Blue Shield plans), Providence, Aetna, Cigna, UHC, CareOregon, Providence, Kaiser CHP, Pacificsource (running at out of network temporarily), Automobile Accident insurance, out of pocket.

    *Any new patient inquiries are subject to review and not a guarantee of establishing care