Beginning on Friday, February 10th, at 6:00AM Point Source Solutions, LLC
will be on site to begin required parking lot excavation work.
They have provided a color coded site map with the closed zones and date ranges.

(Please see the attached site map to reference)

The site map will indicate that the parking lot spaces (marked in yellow)
directly at the building entrance will need to be empty from space #101 to #105.
The spaces in the middle of the parking lot (marked in yellow) will also need to be empty.
(Please see the attached site map for reference. Yellow section is no parking)

On Monday 2/13 to Wednesday 2/15

There will be no direct access to the parking lot from NE Broadway.
This half of the parking lot in the (black) dotted lines will be closed for the excavation.
The main entrance to the building itself will also be closed and inaccessible.
(See the attached site plan. The dotted line and X are blocked. Yellow & blue = no parking)

All occupants and visitors will need to use the South entrance from 2/13 to 2/15

(marked in pink).

A key will be provided to each business for the South entry door.
(see attached site plan for reference – pink circle = entrance)

Any vehicles in the yellow or blue area’s by 6:00am on the date of service WILL BE TOWED.

You are advised to park in a street legal spot.

We are not responsible for any damage, theft, towing, or tickets you may occur for choosing where

you park your vehicle.

Thank you for your assistance and patience during this important project

Phoebe Geraghty LMT

Phoebe Geraghty LMT


Introducing Phoebe, a compassionate and versatile massage therapist at Asha who specializes in working with the LGBTQ+, BIPoC, fat, and disabled communities. Her joy lies in working with clients experiencing chronic pain and she has a knack for coaxing her client’s parasympathetic nervous systems into taking a moment to unclench and rest.

“Being a person is hard enough as it is, especially when those with lingering health issues are often brushed aside or told to grit their teeth and bear it. I feel honored that I have the opportunity to accompany my clients on their healthcare journeys by supporting them and encouraging them every step of the way!”

Clients can expect a customized session integrating techniques like Swedish (soothing and restorative), deep tissue (targeted and revitalizing), myofascial release (softening and stretching) and neuromuscular massage (structural and re-mobilizing).

Phoebe transitioned from a career in Hollywood to pursue her passion for helping others through massage therapy. As a mixed-race trans woman, she understands the importance of facilitating a safe and nurturing environment where clients feel acknowledged, understood, and comforted. Her journey into massage therapy reflects her deep commitment to accessible healthcare as a fundamental human right.

Phoebe brings a vibrant energy to her practice and is dedicated to continuous learning and improvement.

In her own time, Phoebe enjoys horror films, punk shows, playing softball, and spending time with her cats Lucy and Julien.